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Advantages of running Market Surveillance Software on web client

Changes in technologies during the last decade have also made changes in using client software. Opposite to running this client software on a (thin) client, using a web client has quite a lot of advantages. TradeWatcher has been using this technology right from the start and is therefore one of the rare 100% web developed market surveillance software tools available. Using these technologies right from the start has advantages from the available legacy market surveillance tools that have chosen to build and extra layer between the web client and their servers or stick with their desktop installed clients.

So what are these advantages of running market surveillance software via a web client?

Rapid and centralised deployment

When using a classic software model a local installation on a desktop is needed. This will cost you or your staff time with either visiting all market surveillance or compliance officers in your company or creating role out scripts. Especially when they are using different systems or are located on different floors this will cost you more time than you like.

By a role out on the server a new version or new market abuse indicators will automatically be made available for all staff. No longer issues with staff incidentally running an outdated version. If you need different versions (e.g. when testing a new release) you can easily access them by simply using another URL. And yes, you can see the difference between the environments when using different backgrounds.

Infrastructure independent

As long as you use a supported browser you can run TradeWatcher on any hardware. Desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone - but I have to admit that you will need very good eyes for this.

Location independent

Another advantage is that market surveillance can be performed from any location. This can be nice not only when you are on different floors but also when you have staff working from different offices or even from home. They all will be using the same version automatically. Disaster recovery made simple.

100% Web Developed

Market surveillance systems that have been developed with legacy development technologies sometimes use patchwork techniques to update their applications and make the use of web clients possible. Unfortunately this is introducing extra issues because extra layers between the web client and the servers are created to remove processing from the desktop installed client. When an application is web developed from the start, constant optimisation is strived for processing on the server and bandwidth usage.

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TradeWatcher© solution

TradeWatcher© is a user-friendly market surveillance platform to monitor financial markets to detect and report market abuse and manipulation. Use the TradeWatcher© platform to efficiently comply with the ESMA Guidelines and national and international legislation. By using the many different Watchers we offer, you can identify malicious trading patterns, potential market manipulation or insider trading. As an independent organisation with a strong track record in the financial world, we know how to deliver you a flexible, efficient and secure web based monitoring tool.